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On average, teams in all divisions compete in approximately 20 regular season games. The post-season playoffs are comprised of several single game elimination rounds concluding in a 3 game series for the season championship. Champions are crowned in each division. All-star games are held annually in each division as well.

Most teams play once a week between April and August with play-offs taking place during the September, holiday weekends excluded.  Games are capped with a 3 hour time limit but most games take from 2 to 2 hours, 20 minutes to complete the 9 inning competition. Like most single ‘A’ games two umpires are assigned to each game.


The CNCMSBL has consistently sent team representatives to several MSBL tournaments along the east coast. The CNCMSBL travel teams regularly played in the Atlanta, Charlottesville, Baltimore, and Orlando regional tournaments. The regional tournaments are weekend tournaments comprising of 3 to 5 games.  The league has also sent teams to the national Fall Classic tournament, currently homed in Port St. Lucie, FL, since 1994.  The national tournament is a week long tournament with a 5 game round-robin and 4 game play-off.

The CNCMSBL travel teams have placed well in the regional tournaments. Additionally, the teams have two national tournament wins under there belts – 2007 & 2012.  National tournament participants are given a small baseball-associated prize for their participation and a week of good memories. The champions are also provided with a ring and bragging rights.