Initially, the CNCMSBL began with a 18+ and 28+ division. As players and the league matured, a 38+ division was added.

In 2006, the CNCMSBL following the national MSBL convention the 28+ and 38+ divisions were changed to 25+ and 35+ divisions respectively.

In 2007, a 45+ division was created. Initally with three teams, the 45+ division teams played each 35+ division team once in addition to playing each other five times.  In addition to the 45+ division, the 35+ division was comprised of 10 teams and 25+ division had 12 teams. CNCMSBL continues to grow and is terrific for adult baseball in Central North Carolina.

To close out the 2007 season the CNCMSBL 35+ travel team, Raleigh Red Sox, concluded their season with a Championship in the national Fall Classic tournament.  This was the first national championship for the league and ushered in a new era of recognition for the ball players found in the Central NC area.

The 2008 the 25+ division is lowered it’s age requirement and became a 21+ division. This change allows the league to offer opportunities for younger players. The league also took the opportunity to host a regional tournament with the assistance of the USA National Training Complex in Cary, NC. The tournament, Tobacco Road Classic, was a great success for the league and the participants.

In 2012 the reigning CNCMSBL President, Mike F. Wilson, was honored with admission into the MSBL Hall of Fame. The honor was a surprise for the league but was not the only superlative for the season. The 45+ travel team brought home the league’s second national championship at the 2012 Fall Classic with an impressive 8 – 0 record during the week long baseball tournament.

The 2013 brought new heights to the league at the national competitions. With the success of the Raleigh Braves (CNCMSBL’s 45+ travel team) the teams’ manager  Dave Halley led the team to the 2013 MSBL World Series in Pheonix, AZ.  Although the players reported that the World Series a great experience, the Braves’ lost in the first round to the playoffs.  The following week the 35+ Red Sox competed at the Fall Classic tournament in FL and returned home with the league’s 3rd national championship. The league forwards is praise and congratulations to the roster of both teams.

2014 saw the beginnings of expansion in the CNCMSBL as league division alignments were juggled to adapt to the new look of the CNCMSBL player. In addition, the league sponsoring a league tryout and draft. The league saw the Enforcers, Giants, and the Red Sox post strong seasons and complete them as divisional champions. The Raleigh Braves (45+) travel team returned to Phoenix, AZ and returned home with thier second and the leagues 4th national championship.

The preview of 2015 is looking to show that expansion will continue to drive the forward for the CNCMSBL. A new 50+ division this season will expand the divisional alignments to 20+, 30+, 40+, & 50+. In addition to the new 50+ teams there are also several 2 new teams forming in the 20 division. League tryouts continue to support growth and knowledge of the league.