By Dave Halley

Congratulations again on a great Championship run in Atlanta. Great team effort and excellent trial run for our run in Arizona. Our record is 13-0 since Florida Fall Classic 2012, and 17-1 since Atlanta 2012!

Some bad news, Dan Kopitzke fractured his ulna bone in his wrist in three places when he was hit by a pitch in the Championship game. He is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday to keep the bone from shifting. He may be out 6 to 12 weeks with a cast before he can rehab. Biesenthal also Facebooked a nasty elbow bruise, and is scheduled for an MRI to determine what caused the bleed out. Please keep these guys in your thoughts and prayers. I know that several more of you were babying injuries towards the end of the week. Biesenthal is also headed to Afghanistan for four months as part of his Guard obligation, so keep him in your thoughts and safe wishes this summer..

Here is a summary of the stats for the week. Congrats to Chip Haver as our Tournament MVP! Chip had a great tournament and was a spark plug for us all weekend as he hit .667. Also great performances by Dan Kopitzke (2-0, with 1.89 ERA), William Austin (.467 AVG), Bobby Lovett (.500 AVG), Robert Clark (throwing out three people at plate from CF), Gregg Patterson (.474 AVG and great SS), Clint Reese (.400 AVG and caught two games), Ron Daniel (catching two games), Scot Sigafoose (.450 AVG), and Josh Aldrich (.333 AVG, some great plays at 3rd), Robert Poole (catching a game and hitting .571). I felt like all of you contributed and helped us to win.

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